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white tailed deer sirloin

White-Tailed Deer Loin

About White-Tailed Deer

White tailed-deer (Odocoileus virginianus), originating from Americas, was shipped to Finland in 1930’s. It is a middle-sized deer and can be found especially in South-West of Finland. Male can weight as much as 284lb (130kg) and female 88-176lb (40-80kg). White-tailed deer is typically 40” (100cm) tall, so it is clearly smaller creature than moose. Hunting season starts on 1st of September and lasts until mid-February.

Like any venison, white-tailed deer is an excellent choice for a grill. Today I got 1,2 lb (550g) sirloin to grill.

white teailed deer sirloin

Here is how you cook it right:

  • Clean off any membrane or hard lumps of fat with a sharp knife
  • Rub some salt, black pepper and rosemary all over the sirloin and put to fridge for an hour

white tailed deer sirloin

  • Heat your charcoal grill up to 355°F (180°C) for direct heat grilling
  • Sear sirloin both sides until meat temperature hits 119°F (48°C). This will most likely take some 15 minutes. Use fast reading thermometer for monitoring and pay attention. Venison is lean and will get dry and chewy, if overcooked.

white tailed deer sirloin

  • Wrap sirloin in foil and put to rest for 15min. Meat temp will carry over to 126°F (52°C), medium rare doneness.
  • Serve with root vegetables and red wine sauce

Simple and beautiful!

white tailed deer sirloin


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