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Brown Bear Sliders

Brown Bear Sliders

Bear Sliders

What could be more passionate food related subject for a debate than hamburgers? As simple as it is to cook, there are choices to be made and that makes it complicated. What meat should I choose? Should I pull the meat or just make a firm patty? What kind of bun should I bake? What ingredients should I add and of course the most passionate subject, how should I stack my burger?

When ever you want to cut the debate short, choose this recipe. It calls for burger patty made of brown bear sirloin, which is a rare cut to find but places you on top of any backyard pitmaster ranking immediately.

I was lucky enough to find 2lb (900g) brown bear sirloin and I used half of it for making ten sliders. Recipe itself is traditional and simple but the trick is to mix Mangalitsa pork fat into the minced bear meat. This is necessary as brown bear is super lean meat and fat is needed to keep burger patties in shape while grilling.

brown bear ground meat

Mangalitsa pork is another rare creature to find. Yet it is worth of an effort as it’s fat is incredibly soft and neutral in flavor. It melts very easily and does not interfere brown bear meat flavor too much.

So, here are the instructions:

  • 1lb (450g) Ground Brown Bear meat (sirloin)
  • 3 ½ oz (100g) Mangalitsa pork fat
  • Black pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • Cheddar cheese slices

Mix brown bear meat and Mangalitsa pork fat together. Season with black pepper and kosher salt. Prepare equal sized 1 ½ oz (50g) patties and put them into a fridge for an hour or two.

brown bear burger patties

Grill at direct 395°F (200°C) heat on charcoals, flip over once and place slice of cheddar on top of the patty.

brown bear burger patties

Cook until meat temperature reaches 158°F (70°C). This is very important for food safety. Brown bear meat have to be cooked well done. Butchers’ shops have licenses and certificates for every bear they sell, but I still fear risk of trichinella parasite.

Once cooked, stack your slider between gluten free bun.

brown bear sliders


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