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Reindeer Tenderloin

Reindeer Tenderloin

Venison for kings and queens!

I have grilled reindeer few times recently. This time it is tenderloin.

Reindeer tenderloin is one of the most valuable cuts of venison. It weights only 1/3lb (150g) and is extremely juicy. Target internal temperature is 130°F (55°C). Not more. Medium rare doneness brings the best flavor out of it.

Seasoning should also be very modest. Salt and black pepper make it just right. Some pitmasters like to add herbs like rosemary or thyme. It is absolutely fine and worth of try.

I grilled my two reindeer tenderloins in my ceramic kamado. Lump charcoals of course. I heated it up to 400°F (200°C) and prepared for indirect heat.

For thin cuts like tenderloin 5 – 7min / side is about enough. Then I moved them on top of the hot charcoals for final touch. This method is called reverse sear. First indirect cooking and searing at the end. Works every time!

Once tenderloin was cooked, I wrapped it in foil for 15min to rest.

I served my reindeer tenderloins with roasted potatoes and red wine sauce.


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