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wild boar burrito

Boar Burritos

How to Prepare Boar Burritos

Boar burritos are delicacy as such, but when you want to go one beyond, you complete your dish with Sea Buckthorn Chutney. Feel free to use your favorite burrito fillings, but please keep it fresh for the sake of arctic touch.

For arctic boar burritos, I use grilled wild boar tenderloin and chop it in small bites. Vegetables are most often fresh cucumber, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Sea buckthorn chutney with chili gives nice edge with sweet and spicy bitterness.

wild boar burrito

Instructions on How to Grill Wild Boar

Here you can find instructions on how to succeed in grilling wild boar tenderloin for your burritos.

Instructions for Sea Buckthorn Chutney

This recipe also got some chili in it!


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