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Mangalitsa Pork Belly

Mangalitsa Pork Belly


Next level pork treat!

Mangalitsa is a breed from Eastern Europe and first appeared some 200 years ago. It is a curly haired pig with unbelievably soft, marbled fat. Their meat and fat are claimed to be healthy and rich with Omega3 and Omega6 acids. Excellent choice for grill!

I have cooked Mangalitsa already quite many times, ever since I found it two years ago. Mainly pulled pork and bacon. This time I had 6,4lb (2,9kg) skinless and boneless pork belly in a freezer. Plan was to smoke it low and slow as a whole.

After defrosting, I cut the pork belly in half. Easier to maneuver and fit in the grill.

I seasoned both halves all over with my go-to-BBQ Rub and wrapped them in plastic. Then I placed them in the fridge overnight.

Next day was a big day for smoking the pork belly!

I ignited charcoals in my ceramic kamado grill and let the temperature rise to 225°F (110°C). Then placed pork bellies directly on the grill grate on top of indirect heat. I added two chunks of apple wood directly on hot charcoals and closed the lid.

After 3hrs of smoking, internal temp of the pork belly was 150°F (66°C). I took both halves out and wrapped them in butchers’ paper. Then back to grill for two more hours.

Final internal temp after total five hours of cooking was 198°F (93°C). This time may vary a lot depending on the size and shape of the belly.

Now my Mangalitsa pork belly was ready for dinner table.

The fat is just remarkable. Soft, tasty and keeps the meat so juicy. Apple wood smoke created nice bark for the skin. Next level BBQ!

Mangalitsa is not very easy to find, but worth of looking for.

Go ahead and try!


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